The Lab
NiteVis Visualizer

A 3D Hardware driven VJ tool to display and control visuals and movies for concerts and other live events.

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Implementing and Combining Light, Shadows and Reflections in 3D Engines.

Diploma thesis project

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Car game demo

I've been toying with idea of writing a multiplayer top-down car game, but it is on hold until i find the time. This demo shows a crude mockup of what the would be like.


Works with ATI Radeon 9500 and above


Fluid Demo

This is a demo of fluid dynamics. It uses a Navier-Stokes like algorithm, using rendertargets on tesselated quads to move and dissipate the fluid.



Reproducable Physics Demo

Simple demo showing reproducable physics from history of inputs.
Uses a Midpoint integrator to evaluate the physics.