Winpcap network library headers for Delphi. (version 25-05-2005)

This is a converted version of the header files to the WinPcap libary. There is also an encapsulating class, that handles initialization, enumeration and stuff.

DelphiPcap 25-05-2005.zip


AngelScript 2.1.0 library headers for Delphi.

This is a converted version of the header files to the Angelscript libary. Also included is a precompiled DLL built from the official SDK.

DelphiAngelScript 2.1.0.zip


RadTools Bink / Smacker headers for Delphi

Few informations are public about RadTools' game video formats. I have hacked my way through most of it. These files are not complete!
Also, please check out RadTools website, for all the legal juice !


Here is version that embeds the library into your executable to be able to create a stand-alone app. Thanks to Claudiu Savu for the contribution.

Delphi Bink Standalone Player.rar


XAudio headers for Delphi

Conversion of the async'ed  library for Xaudio to Delphi.



Code snippets

A class encapsulating an icon in the systemtray
Work on a file like with linear memory. Encapsulates Win32's Mapped file calls. TMappedStream is a descendant of Tstream, so it's compatible with normal stream methods.
Profile your code using this simple collection of functions
Get precise timings to measure function times or FPS. Get the current CPU usage on the system.