Creative Outlet

Stuff, I simply had to do in order to prevent insanity ;)

These are really silly tunes i made - Engage at your own risk !!!

The Gak Project 2005

Lars Peter Christiansen and Sebastian Oakley a.k.a NZ & Ankh hits you in the groin with these super techno trance hits!
Download and enjoy:

Kaffe Sangen.mp3 The number one HIT song! Get it NOW!

Tour De Chambre Party Song.mp3

Ballad of Lille Lise and Mike.mp3

Homicidal Santa.mp3


MOD's - Early 90's

Various old compositions created with Amiga trackers and Fast Tracker for PC

These ones are fun & crazy:

Pacman hater.rar

Space Invader hater.rar

Lemming Hater.rar

Matrix Printer Techno.rar

The Fraggle Mix.mp3

Hej Med Dig Mix.mp3

Jumbobog Techno.mp3

Luftens Helte Techno.mp3

Praktikanters Afsked.mp3

Pouls Pop II.mp3

Charme Farve Udgydelse.mp3


These ones are more normal ;)

Dream II.mp3


Splendid Feelin'.mp3

Big Trance.mp3

Exotic life Remix.mp3

Funky Few$ion.mp3

Data Funk II.mp3