Crystal Cubes

What started as a "make Tetris in one day" thing,  ended up being a one-month project displaying advanced graphics in a game environment. with dual-refractive glass cubes, shadowmaps and post processing effects, this game will really test your GPU' fillrate ;)

Sounds and music has been kindly provided by the professional musician and technician, Christoffer M. Jespersen.

The game was developed in Visual C++, using Bass audio library and ODE physics library.

The game needs a Geforce 6600 or something similar. Below that, disable some of the effects.

Download Crystal Cubes 1.01


Old Timer Tennis

This is a multiplayer action game built on the classic PONG game. The gameplay, however, is completly different as players can smash and spin the ball. Give it a try!


visit (very old) website


Download small version
Download big version



As an exercise in game coding, we created this  breakout style game.

The game holds 6 graphical themes and has a great amount of levels. there are bonus levels that alters the normal gameplay in some way.

NZBalance - C&C Generals: Zero Hour Mod

A modification for the game C&C Generals: Zero Hour.
Primarily faction balancing but also with som new units.

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A program that scans and manage your CD-ROMs, enabling you to search for files and folders on any of those discs. Extremely useful when you have CD's with code-backups everywhere.

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